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Auto Conversions in Florence

ABW Conversions offers collision repair services for all makes and models of trucks, cars, vans and SUVs. If you haul equipment and materials in your work truck, you might be looking to have a bed liner installed to protect your truck bed from damage. A truck step and toolbox would also make your work easier, helping you reach items in the truck bed and giving you a place to store your tools on the go. We have top-quality products perfect for your ride.
On the other hand, you might have bought a truck to trick out to cruise around in style. ABW Conversions has the grilles, chrome trim and running boards that will make your ride stand out. Following are some of our products and services and the brands we work with. Call us today at 843-662-8222 to discuss all of your options.

Truck Step and Running Board Installation

While truck steps and running boards both give you a boost into your truck, the two options do differ a bit in their design and function. Truck steps are a single step, about 10 to 20 inches long. These are popular on work trucks because the driver usually only needs a step up into the cab or bed, not the entire length of the vehicle.
Running boards, on the other hand, span the entire cab, making them best for a truck that is being used for family activities like camping or boating. The running board is flat and rectangular and has wide grip pads, giving everyone a safe step to help them get in and out of the vehicle.

Bed Liner Installation

If you use your truck to haul heavy equipment or building materials like gravel, stone or tile, your truck bed is likely going to suffer some damage. Truck beds are durable, but they’ll eventually develop scrapes, dents and even holes if they get a lot of use. Installing a truck bed liner is the best way to keep your bed protected while hauling materials to and from a job site. You can lay some rubber mats or outdoor carpet in your truck bed, but for the best protection, opt for a drop-in liner or a spray-in liner.
Call us to discuss what kind of liner would work best for your truck.
Drop-in Liner
A drop-in liner is a sheet of form-fitted plastic bolted into your truck bed. This is the best option if you are loading and unloading equipment because the smooth plastic allows heavy items to slide easily. The sheet can also be replaced if it is damaged. However, water can be trapped beneath the sheet and cause the truck bed to rust. Watch for signs of rust and tighten the liner if it becomes loose.
Spray-in Liner
A spray-in liner is a polyurethane coating sprayed onto and adheres directly to the truck bed. This means water won’t be able to seep in and the coating won’t shift or loosen over time. However, it will be more difficult to slide things around in the truck bed, and these liners require more prep work, so they are the more expensive option.

Toolbox Installation

What better way to haul your tools than in a box that is portable and attaches conveniently inside the bed of your truck? Our truck bed toolboxes are made of strong aluminum and steel, keep out water and can be locked, keeping your tools safe and dry.

Grille Installation

A unique grille is a great first step to tricking out your truck. ABW Conversions has a wide selection of grilles to choose from, including mesh, billet and CNC designs. Whether you want studs and flames or a grille that will match the original style on a classic car, you’re sure to find it here.

Chrome Trimming Installation

The right chrome trim can really add a feeling of luxury and style to any vehicle. Chrome is not only easy to maintain, but it also is one of the easiest ways to update the look of your vehicle. Visit us today and we’ll go over small accent trim, large accent trim and interior trim options to find the right amount of chrome for your tastes.

Rain Guard Installation

You likely park your work truck outside at job sites all day. If you need to leave a window cracked for ventilation or drive around the site with your window down so you can talk to your staff, a rain guard will help keep water out of your car’s interior and improve your vehicle’s aerodynamics as you drive with the windows down.
To customize your work truck, SUV or any other vehicle, come talk to the experts at ABW Conversions in Florence, South Carolina. To ask about our services, call us at 843-662-8222!